Melbourne Metro System

Fig. 01: My own schematic map showing just one possible scenario for the Melbourne Metro System. The Sunshine - Dandenong Metro (Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel) is currently under construction. There have been numerous feasibility studies into a rapid rail link to Doncaster, Rowville and Melbourne Airport. Here I have included the Rail Futures Institute advocacy groups' endorsement for a Airport Rail Link to be separated from the metropolitan network and as a stand alone project incorporated into the Regional Rail network. Other regional rail lines are not included here. My scenario is not a "fantasy metro", but one which is realizable with all information extrapolated through close observation to current studies, topographical map data and a basic knowledge of railway engineering (ref: Vukan R. Vuchic - Urban Transit). Obviously this scenario of mine would require decades of development towards being envisaged.

The Chandler Multimodal Transport Corridor - LRT Option

Scenario for the Chandler Multimodal Transport Corridor where a new 23m wide 4 lanes only road bridge can be constructed east of the existing iron truss bridge – originally built for the Outer Circle Rail Line. Here it would be possible to separate road traffic from a new ROW LRT (light rail transit) line commencing from the existing Yarra Trams network at Kew Junction and terminating at Fairfield Stn via the proposed Alphington Park redevelopment in its first phase. Cyclist would have the option for 1.5m northbound and southbound lanes on the arterial as well as a safe shared pathway with pedestrians on a refurbished cantilevered path attached to the west side of the existing iron truss bridge – Sunset Pathway. Here road transport, high capacity public transport integration, the built and environmental heritage are all taken into account for amenity improvement for the Melbourne inter regional Cities of Darebin, Yarra and Boroondara.