Melbourne Metro System: The Peninsula Loop Metro

Peninsula Loop Metro

The scenario below is for a Mandurah style (Transperth) Rapid Rail link for Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. To my knowledge there has never been any feasibility study for such a line. This said historically passenger services run from Frankston to Mornington from 1889 to 1981. It is surprising also that there is no advocacy for such a rail line, especially after all the controversy with the recently completed Peninsular Link motorway and for the fact that public transport on the developed Port Phillip Bay side of the peninsula is so poor in service provided. With the transition being made over the past two or more decades from mostly holiday residences to permanent dwellings and commuter population there seems the need even more to look into a rail transit system for this region. As development historically is mostly linear and that the new Peninsular Link motorway has a wide enough median alignment for certainly a bidirectional rapid rail link from Frankston to Sorrento. It would be required for tunnelling in places.

Fig. 01: Schematic map of the envisaged Melbourne Metro System with a Peninsula Loop Metro extension of the existing Frankston Line, currently being upgraded to Metro operations with the grade separation of level crossings.

Fact Sheet for alignment from Flinders Street Stn to Sorrento:

Note that all trains would run via the City Loop - below I have only shown the alignment from Flinders Street Stn

00.00KM  PLM01: Flinders Street / City South Stn  (Sur. / Int.)
                  Interchange with Sunshine - Dandenong Metro

02.40KM  PLM02: Richmond  (Elv. / Int.)

04.20KM  PLM03: South Yarra  (Sur. / Int.)
                  Interchange with Sunshine - Dandenong Metro

10.60KM  PLM04: Caulfield  (Sur. / Int.)
                  Interchange with Sunshine - Dandenong Metro    
17.20KM  PLM05: Moorabbin  (Sur.)

23.10KM  PLM06: Mentone  (Sur.)    

26.50KM  PLM07: Mordialloc  (Sur.)

42.70KM  PLM08: Frankston  (Sur. / Int.)

44.15KM  PLM09: Leawarra (Sur. / Int. New location E of McMahons Rd)                

50.70KM  PLM10: Baxter  (Sur. / Int.)

Stony Point Branch:

Sorrento Branch:

56.10KM  PLM11: Moorooduc  (Sur.)

59.80KM  PLM12: Tanti Park  (Sur.)

61.60KM  Mornington Tunnel E Portal  (Cut / Cover. Yuilles Rd
62.10KM  Mornington Tunnel W Portal                                                            

62.20KM  PLM13: Mornington (Cut. New location Nepean Hwy median) 

66.40KM  Balcombe Creek Viaduct                                                       

66.70KM  Balcombe TBM Tunnel N Portal (S of Balcombe Ck)

67.30KM  Balcombe TBM Tunnel S Portal (S of Bay Rd. Mount Martha

67.40KM  PLM14: Mount Martha (Sur. S of Bay Rd)                                        

67.80KM  Jacksons Hill TBM Tunnel N Portal

69.60KM  Jacksons Hill TBM Tunnel S Portal                                                          

74.00KM  PLM15: Safety Beach (Sur. Mornington Pen. Fwy median)                

77.60KM  PLM16: Dromana (Sur. Fwy median / Pier St)                                     

81.00KM  PLM17: McCrae (Sur. Fwy median / Beverly St)                                            

85.90KM  PLM18: Rosebud West (Sur. Fwy median / Boneo St)                       

92.40KM  PLM19: Rye (Sur. Fwy median / Dundas St)                                        

95.40KM  PLM20: Blairgowrie (W of Canterbury Jetty Rd)                         

98.50KM  Box tunnel E Portal (Cut / Cover Koonya Ave)
98.80KM  Box tunnel W Portal (Cut / Cover W of Hughes Rd)                                          

98.80KM  PLM21: Koonya (Beneath Melbourne / Hughes Rds)                     

98.90KM  Box tunnel E Portal (Cut / Cover S of Melbourne Rd)                                        

99.18KM  Box tunnel W Portal (Cut / Cover N of Melbourne Rd)                                      

Rail alignment runs parallel / N to Melbourne Rd in fully grade separated ROW / Cut

100.00KM  Sorrento Tunnel Portal (Cut / Cover Melbourne Rd alignment)                       

101.40KM  PLM22: Sorrento (Sub-surface Melbourne / Ocean Beach Rd)                    

101.50KM  Sorrento Tunnel terminus                                                       

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